The design of KEILBEIN is characterized by individual formal idiom and the longevity of the design. Classic cuts meet delight in experimentation, resulting in vivid shapes and a unique geometry. Through the subtle play with masculine and feminine forms, innovative designs with an incomparable elegance are emerged. The combination of natural and innovative materials, and the interplay of opposites give the designs a powerful tension. The sophisticated design of KEILBEIN is emphasized by fabric manipulations and couture techniques. Women are not treated sexualized but strengthened and respectful in this fashion.

Womanswear: The attraction of rebellious symbolism with urban coolness form a pleasurable magic to strengthen the self-confidence. The strange combinations of refined details and bold outline ensure individuality. The touch of dark romance and symmetrical geometries bring depth and extravagance.

Menswear: Two worlds with different views collide and merge into one . The game of modern suit fashion and the anti- fashion stance of subcultures form a new conflict . Comfortable shapes and strong character permeability transform a confident gentleman look.

Genderless: Against fixed ideals of beauty and gender boundaries to set the vision of a sexless self-determination. A hybrid, innovative psycho Chic resulting from the ever strengthening nascent traversing life.

Alexander Hübner Dresden / Germany