The powerful energy of this collection oppose fixed ideals of beauty and gender boundaries. A game of contrasts is the fashionable and trendy tension. The vision of complete social tolerance for strangeness , as a drive formed selfish Silhouettes of a strong self- image. Similar to the differences between male and female, develops a conscious mix of tradition and high-tech materials in the near future. Very stiff and tight crude products of cotton reflect these extreme tendencies again.The color dimension is dominated by the idea of a cool, dew afflicted morning, as a reference to the future. It is certain that there will always be a new morning and trends change. The color palette of neutral tones acts objectively and unisex.


Keilbein immersed this collection in glacial, metallic and masculine colours, whose extraordinary beauty is in no way inferior to the natural winter phenomena which insprired it. Without further ado, the tone is set by tremendous rigour: titanium grey, electric blue, snow white and powerful black emphasize the modernity of the silhouettes. Short jackets made of knitted wool with with casual blouson pattern are worn together with tight trousers. Sporting dynamics and strength of will are supported by the neoprene jacket and the gunmetal pants. The intire look is enlivened by the details, in this way the shape of the pockets are characterized by Zaha Hadid's architecture, buttons and zippers are defined by titanium optics. The keylook of Blizzard is incomparably given by the avalanche coat combined with the greyhound sweater. A fusion of classic elegance and sportive anti fashion.


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